Superfans & memorabillia

seeing stuff about that bloke who is obsessed with ben from eastenders has got me thinking.

ever known a superfan?
did or do you have any significantly large collections of merchandise?

here’s a gallery, just because i know people won’t bother clicking the links


holy fucking shit!


Do you think it’s because he looks like a squashed memory of the character in question


dunno if i like the ceiling decoration, the framed banknote mockups or his custom trousers more

Does he only like Ben Mk 3?

Worrabout Ben? (Mks 1 & 2)

I’ve got about 1545 little cardboard rectangles with pictures of Game of Thrones stuff on them, if that counts?

I love his special suit he got printed up! (Also makes me glad I am not the Eastenders man in questions).

[quote]Mr Smith, 48, said the character of Ben Mitchell, who has come out as gay on the soap, has helped him with his own journey of being gay, boosting his self-esteem and confidence.

[quote]"The part Harry plays of Ben is inspirational.

"I can really relate to him, he has helped me a lot through my journey.

"As time has moved on since coming out, Ben doesn’t care who likes him being gay or not and I look up to that.

"Ben’s storyline has made me come out of myself more. I now feel more confident in being gay.

"I just wanted to do something to show what he has done for me - it is an appreciation.

“He has made me a better person. Nobody realises what he has done for me.”

:’( :’(



the candles and pictures on the poles of the shelving unit

Came here to post this.

(as did everyone else on twitter the other day)

So instead I’ll post this one:

I can’t wrap my head around this AT ALL

The trousers. I mean, it’s all hilariously batshit, but those trousers are something else!

first time i saw it on twitter was yesterday? and the only articles i can find about it were published yesterday or today. have i honestly been deprived of this over the new year weekend?

we should all send HIM fanmail

I might become a superfan of this superfan

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Had a pretty ridic NIN collection at one point. Sold it for mad cash when i didnt care anymore.

This is a wind-up, right?