Superfluous Instruments

Violin - just not as good as cello or viola

Keytar - all the downsides of a guitar and none of the strengths

Drums - just easier to program them so they never go out of time

Bass guitar

It’s still nice to have bassists though isn’t it

The more the merrier that’s what I say


All of them. Just do a Bobby McFerrin.

Gandalf the Grey, upon admitting Merry to the Fellowship


The violin statement is patently ridiculous and I’m ashamed to have risen to it


Not sure in a blind listening test I could tell the difference between a violin and viola to be tbh

it just doesn’t sound that nice in a high register like that, can you think of any tunes written for a violin that wouldn’t be better on a cello?

I can post a million right here

don’t trouble yourself to do that many, one would be fine

You can make a helicopter noise on it though

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Chosen almost at random

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I’ll bust out the good headphones one sec

vocalists is my answer

can’t really play a solo unless it’s an opera or in a situation where Simon Cowell is watching you


sounds nice until about 1 minute in when the high notes kick in, just not a nice or full sound imo. Move it to a cello and slow it down 50%

Disagree to disagree.

I actually can’t get on board with the concept of this thread at all tbh. It’s fine not to like particular instruments obviously but to deny they have a relevant role in a given style is just incorrect. I realise I’m taking this too seriously :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m on board with the keytar though, but then again that’s not really a real instrument.

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All saxophone solos would sound terrible on the trumpet, but trumpet stuff would sound much better if played on a saxophone.

So get rid of the trumpet (and the trombone while we’re at it).

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trumpet is ok sparingly I think, a softly played trumpet is quite relaxing

if you’re making fake strings for a track with a VST then viola is the way to go