Superfluous Vocoder Usage

Know what sort of irks me, is when a singer puts a vocoder on their vocals for seemingly no reason. Sort of takes me out of the song and just makes me focus on trying to figure out why they felt like they had to use a filter. Here is an example:

And another, albeit just at the beginning of the song:

See also pointless pitch shifting, like this dud from Currents:

Just very rarely pays off imo


Feel free to use this threat to post good examples of vocodor usage though

Don’t ever listen to Tobacco or Black Moth Super Rainbow then.

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I won’t! :saluting_face:

I’m pretty sure there’s a Super Furry Animals example of this, but I disliked it so much when I heard it that I can’t even remember the name of the song now


Great shout, but just took a listen to a couple of tracks and it was Ice Hockey Hair.

I wish I didn’t think the Super Furry Animals were awful, would be so nice to like a band from my home country.

Completely disagree tbh. Not sure how you can deduce that a vocoder is applied pointlessly? I suppose it’s a matter of taste but I wouldn’t call it pointless.

I love the vocoder as an effect and I think it works really well on this Squid track. It’s not particularly overwhelming, sits well with the rest of the track. I couldn’t hear vocoder on that AC song.

Weirdly, I was given the new Creep Show album a proper listen earlier and was thinking how much I like the use of vocoder on the opening track. It’s very Kraftwerk but I love it.


Hard disagree, when Homer Dudley was fucking about in Bell Labs, this was the endpoint he had in mind right from the get go.


What’s that you say? You want to hear vocoder versions of Godley & Creme’s Cry and Kylie’s Love at First Sight?

Or a half vocoder version of Frank Ocean’s Super Rich Kids?


Agree wholeheartedly. I haven’t listened to these tracks to be sure but it’s basically equal to the obvious autotune crap, right? Hate it and it also makes me fixated on it.

I appreciate the vocoder in electronic and industrial music, loved it during the 90s when I was really into that. Like it less now but it fits in certain genres. Haven’t heard the new Creep Show but I imagine that’s acceptable usage.

imagine not liking juxtaposed with u, shriveled prune hearts


@ me coward

your heart is prune

What even is that. A song?

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Not this

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