Superfluous Vocoder Usage

It’s not a vocoder?

Wait…is this the not liking thread?

My two responses were to this


No idea but Impossible Soul is an incredible song and the autotune/vocoder is absolutely fine (and a lot of fun


Oh hang on, I have just read your previous post! Totally misunderstood :smiley:

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Yeh I love it!

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Well then I take my like back because I thought you were implying Impossible Soul was NOT good vocoder usage and I agreed with that. Terrible and distracting, ruins an otherwise good song (that could of course just be cut to 1/3).

maximal but not superfluous use of vocoder, I think.

I love PC&L!


A great at the drive-in b-side

Ohh I love the entire journey of this song and wouldn’t have it a second shorter

Only good use of vocoder is the hook in Intergalactic. :robot:

it works thematically on ice hockey hair, singing “when the puck hits the back of the cage”, pucks and vocoders both notable for a lack of friction

For someone with the username furryfan, this is a very calm response

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Where’s @icehockeyhair when you need them?

Also, has anyone mentioned “around the rudolph” yet?

I like the Genius entry for this: “Instrumental but a robot voice sings lyric fragments”

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I gave the vocoder a spin on my OP-1 yesterday

which reminds me - don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet


Or this (not a vocoder but actually a talk Box) classic

Absolute banger. Gonna go play portal before work now.

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Can’t believe anyone doesn’t like Ice Hockey Hair.

Been listening to a lot of Trans Am this week. They like a vocoder.

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