Over on the efestivals forum several people have said they are rumoured to be reforming to play the pilton party and next year’s glasto.
I went to the farewell tour at Brixton and it was brilliant. I really like the gaz coombes solo stuff but would be all over this.

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They had so many good songs so I’d be very excited if they were reforming. Gaz Coombes is still out and about, and great live, so I have faith it’d be decent.

Great band. Absolutely perfect for that 7-8pm festival slot where you want something where you know all the songs and all the words and that. Their first 3 albums are up there with the best of 90s ‘indie’


Road to Rouen is criminally underrated. Such a great album. Diamond Hoo Haa on the other hand is awful. They split at the right time. Would love to see them back though.


Really like road to Rouen, St. Petersburg is great. I think diamond hoo ha was trying to sound like white stripes. Didn’t really work for me either. Thought one of the singles was okay though.

felt like the Gaz solo stuff was a natural progression from Road to Rouen. Matador is superb.

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Totally agree. “Road To Rouen” is wonderful.

They had a follow up album - “Release The Drones” - all but complete before they split. After Diamond Hoo Ha it might be terrible but they definitely have material ready for release if they do reform.

I had no idea about this. Would be good to hear it.

In It For The Money, S/T and Road To Rouen are all brilliant albums. I may be giving them all a spin this evening.

Stupid as it was I really enjoyed their spinoff covers album too.


That first album… whoosh. Brilliant beginning to end.

The acoustic flamenco tinged version of Caught By The Fuzz they released as a b-side is one of my favouritest songs ever…

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Yip, love a bit of Supergrass. First 3 albums are brilliant followed by diminishing returns.
Remember seeing them at T In The Park in Hamilton just about the time that Alright was all over the radio. The tent they were playing was absolutely rammed full. Gaz Coombes’ jaw hit the floor when he saw how many people were there. Mental gig!
Would love it if they got back together.


1st and 2nd Album - sheer brilliance
3rd Album - some fun singles, pretty good
4th Album onwards and solo stuff - MOR


think you’re wrong about R2R and Matador. Both fantastic albums.

Ah, will try again with fresh ears, thanks.

Honestly. I think Matador is a real grower and one of the best things he’s ever done. And I just love R2R. Enjoy :slight_smile:

+1 for matador, really excellent album.

Diamond Hoo Haa is the only album of their’s that I’ve never heard. Probably for the best I don’t bother then?

I only discovered this last month. Ridiculously fun!

You haven’t really missed anything but it’s not as good as the rest imho

very correct opinion. I loved Road to Rouen. Think I gave Diamond Hoo Haa 3 spins and hated it.