The Drums on Lenny! :heart_eyes:


Check out the big drums on Lenny!



i only really know i should coco, in it for the money and road to rouen but i like them a lot

Give Life On Other Planets a go. Some hidden gems.


Love that!

Imagine you’ll have to get tickets for Truck, then

[I have no insider knowledge, but I would be surprised if they don’t]

Anyone got presale? Im off to Brum (tuesday night in March, bet i dont end up going)

Yep - got tckts to Barrowlands :+1:

I remember quite enjoying Diamond Hoo Ha when it was released. Will need to give it a reappraisal

Pretty much nailed on as Truck headliners, aren’t they?

And The Other stage at Glasto, probably

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I would be genuinely surprised if they weren’t. They’ve played in the past, Gaz played last year, and was pretty awesome, and most of his touring band have at some point been in a band with my brothers, and they’re all basically a GBoTB.

Think they did a covers set as Diamond Hoo Ha band in 2008, as well (I think?)

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Ok so this is by no means their best work but it’s far from rubbish. I’ll admit it’s lame af in comparison to the other albums but it’s still got some nice sounds on it. And the title track is actually a bit of a stomper imo

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Got my ticket for Bristol next year hooo yeaah