Supermarket bakeries

The squeeze essential feels out the… power

for clarity the squidgier, the better

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As with so much in life

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Yeah these are my absolute number one supermarket cookie.

Assorted bakery thoughts:

  • I quite like getting a croissant and pain au chocolat from Saino’s as a Friday treat.

  • I tried to do the same at the Co-Op (Milton Road by the junction of Arbury Road) a couple of weeks ago but there was nothing in the bakery section whatsoever. This was at maybe 7.15am.

  • Had some properly grim doughnuts from Tesco Covent Garden when we went down to London a while back

  • Morrison’s are a good sweet/savoury all-rounder

Little Co-op bakery tip: the raspberry croissants are a full tier ahead of their (excellent) almond croissants. Buy eight or nine if you see them, they can be quite elusive.

Finally someone says it! Oh are you still talking about cookies? Sorry.

Big fan of their granola slices too.

The co-op cheese & jalapeno rolls are equally rate, but incredible.


Ah, my local Co-op. Yeah, it gets ransacked by tradespeople every weekday morning. I don’t bother going in after nine on a weekend morning, either.

I feel like I moan about Co-ops on here quite a lot, but I think it’s justified.

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a new co-op has opened right by my work but there’s no fucking bakery section m9s, livid

Pointless. Actually pointless.

I could go into detail about my grievances with that Co-op’s bakery section alone. So I will.

The ratio of almond to normal cr

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Two triple chocolate muffins? That’ll be 60p please


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Yeah, but 7-8pm is the dream time for bargain bread. Crusty bloomers for 15p each? YES PLEASE! Parisien baguette a mere 10p? GET IN MY MOUTH! Surplus apple puffs for 12p? Yes, I shall get some for the girls, but I’m not happy about the lack of bargain cheese straws.

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Not really on breadbook so this is wasted on me really.

I’m sorry to hear that. Condolences

Oh it’s voluntary. I just… don’t eat much bread.

I’ve this idea that if you mix and match between croissants, cinnamon swirls and pain au chocolate etc, it confuses the eye, so even a seasoned security guard wouldn’t be able to work out how many items you’ve got in one bag.

Unexpected item
“Ah I don’t know I think I’ve made a mistake ha sorry I’m no good with these machines”