Supermarket Etiquette

You realise as you approach the till that you don’t need one of he items you have picked up along the way.

  • You return to where you picked it up and place it neatly back where it belongs.
  • You ask a member of staff to take it from you.
  • If it’s a refrigerated item you ensure that it goes in a fridge, but otherwise leave it on any nearby surface.
  • You put it down on the nearest available surface regardless of what it is.
  • You buy it because it’s too late now and you don’t want to make a scene.
  • You put it in your jacket, the buzz of the steal arousing you slightly.
  • You throw it against the wall and scream at someone to clean it up.

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Used to work in a supermarket didn’t I so I’m reasonably militant on this point.

You know in Crocodile Dundee when he lobs that can at that blokes head from quite a distance (rhetorical question, of course you do). Well I do that but to the old lady at the baccy counter.


Am I in the queue? If not, I return it to where it belongs. If so, I give it to the cashier or just buy it anyway to avoid embarrassment.


Depends if you’re already in the queue or not. Normally would put back in its rightful place, but if I’m two from the front of a Lidl mega-queue, it’s being put somewhere inconvenient sorry.

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Yesterday I purchased some Riesen chocolate chews from a corner shop with cash. I handed over the amount in pound coins but then remembered that I have a coin operated electric meter so asked if I could give him a note instead, then he gave me the coins back and the change from the note but I declined the change because I’m an idiot who forgot that the coins he gave me weren’t change leaving me five pounds down. I realised this almost immediately upon exiting the shop but did NOT return to get my cash as a result of sheepishness.


The person ahead of you in the queue reveals to the cashier that they don’t have a loyalty card when asked as they’re about to pay. Do you

  • Interject and ask if anyone minds if you use your own loyalty card.
  • Stealthily scan your loyalty card under the designated loyalty card scanner, hoping no-one will notice.
  • Explain in depth the benefits of loyalty cards to your fellow shopper.
  • Do nothing and lament the wasted points.
  • Do nothing because you don’t have a capitalism card m9
  • Do nothing because you were too busy thinking about yourself to notice the entire exchange.
  • Do nothing because you can’t cope with the stress of unnecessary social interaction.

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When you’ve received change from the cashier

  • Take the change and move aside immediately. sort it out in your own time
  • Stuff it into pocket quickly and move aside.
  • Meticulously place the change in your wallet or purse, ask for a receipt, maybe check your phone for a bit, and then move aside.

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You are not in the queue. Please feel free to make a similar poll from the queue perspective.


You notice a couple of likely lads lifting a few bottles of wine from the booze aisle

  • Offer them advice on how to avoid the cameras/guards
  • Say nothing and do nothing
  • Say nothing to them but alert a member of staff
  • Confront and admonish them yourself

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couple of grasses in here!


Checking small change is a surefire sign of someone whose life isn’t going to plan.

So long as the notes are there, i’m alright. If someone wants to risk their job to relieve me of a quid then they’re welcome to it.


I’ve always wanted to hurl someone into some shelves full of wine bottles. Seems the perfect time to do it.

This has happened to me, and I kind of did (A).

I told them that they being silly as they were doing it in full view of the cameras and that the bottles were security tagged.

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And proud.

Abandon chippy retort

yeah, I remembered a time about five years ago when I told a couple of scamps that there was a security guard wandering around so ‘be careful eh’ with a wink.

forgotten to buy something

  • ask a member of staff to get it
  • ask another queuer to hold your place while you go and get it
  • go and get it and forfeit your place
  • leave it

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Run furiously to grab it before the person before me has finished going through the till.