Supermarket fresh food counters

Do you use them? Tezzas are canning them at a bunch of supermarkets with thousands of job losses. Don’t think I’ve ever used them aside from a time I saw a pork pie going ridiculously cheap.

no, can’t say i do

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Remember you used to have to get a little ticket with a number on and wait your turn to be served? But they’re not busy enough now to need the tickets, are they? Could do with that in a busy pub though, eh.

“What’s the situation?”
“Two blokes and a fuckload of cutlery.”

What makes you take the occasional plunge?

sometimes for olives/cheese I guess

If asda shut the make your own pizza bit i will riot


actually used to get haslet at the counter

One of m,y colleagues has to get someone else here (totally different area of the business) a bacon joint from the Tezza hot food counter. He makes 40p from this. I say it is not worth it.

The really sad thing about this is how tesco put all the small town butchers and bakers out of business, then basically forced them to come and work for them for half the wage (thru them having no other choice of places to work) and is now chucking them out again.


Next time you get haslet by them, let us know and we’ll come duff them up.

Like, lots of the people in tesco bakery and food counters are pretty highly skilled

Sometimes I get a rotisserie chicken or a pork pie or something


lest we forget


Had one of these at the weekend, was very good actually, very generous with the toppings. Made the equivalent ready made fresh pizzas look like shit, and it was well priced at £3.50 for a 14-incher.


how much would someone have to pay you to go to the shop for them if:

a) you were going anyway
b) you were not going

They’re good to get a nice bit of Walking Chicken for the big shop to stop you from daft purchases when you’re hungry

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