Supermarket pastries

No dithering, pick your favourite:

  • Croissant
  • Chocolate croissant
  • Almond croissant
  • Pain aux raisin
  • Cinnamon swirl
  • Maple pecan danish

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Butterscotch pecan yum yum (waitrose only)

Many thanks.

cheese twist

No pain au chocolat?

no gain au chocolat


One of the all time greats


He’s done it again!

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Cheese and onion pasty

really want to pop out to waitrose and get some danish now

I’m not stopping you

I will stop you


That’s so fucking funny

You can’t beat a pecan plait.


Damn, knew I’d miss a big hitter.

Was debating including vanilla creme crown but thought it was a bit niche.

Usually go for croissants, as I don’t feel that I have earned pain au chocolat

Pain au raisin or cinnamon swirl.

Reluctant third choice would be a toss up between pain au choc or a croissant.

How are we eating our croissants?

  • Plain
  • Jam
  • Butter
  • Jam and butter
  • Other

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  • Heated
  • Cold

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  • Torn/cut into chunks
  • Sliced lengthways
  • Eaten whole
  • Other

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Torn and dipped in jam
Sliced in half and filled with cheese

Always warm

That’s making quite a mess of your jam pot surely?

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Spoonful of jam dumped on the side of the plate, sorry for the confusion

Jesus, what an oversight.

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