Supermarket Products (non-generic) that are rarely on offer


Two points here:

Twiglets are stocked in Poundland at 2 for £1.

Also those big Christmas tubs of Twiglets are often on offer post-Yuletide.

I’m struggling here. Most brands of razor blades?

Those ones in the tubs don’t taste right. I’m not against Poundland just don’t really go near one (I’m going to Home Bargains this lunchtime).

Kellogs Start

Yeah it’s difficult, I have made a challenging thread and DiS has not been up to it. I was hoping our members would rise to the occasion (matron!!!)

YES! (no idea if this is right)





It is, I only buy them when they’re on offer and as such haven’t had a bowl for a long time

Yeah you never see 2-4-1 on Bennys

What do you think a Start is supposed to represent? An alien face?

Buy a bottle of Smirnoff and get 20% of a pack of Superkings

Quails eggs

Smoked Paprika

This is generic unless you mean the one that comes in that small red metal tin.

A venn diagram of wholegrain, fibre and great taste!

had never heard of ‘Start’. Doesn’t look very nice. Are the pieces hollow? Looks like eating a packet of miniature monster munch with milk.

that’s the one i mean yeah

They aren’t flavoured like Monster Munch.