Supermarket Queues, an ode to.

Thanks! And tweak that with a northern accent and you wouldn’t be far off.

Trying to find where it was we played, was right next to a small football stadium.

Mm, maybe Szene, or Arena?

I saw Volcano! in a venue underneath some metro tracks. Was a good gig, met a Slovakian couple who were the biggest fans ever. Spoke to the drummer about Brighton afterwards and got a drumstick.

Couldn’t give a shit about queues really, and I work in a food shop.

Very much enjoyed the original post. I “won” in Lidl recently which as mentioned used the Vienna checkout system described. Was about 6th in queue when the new checkout announcement went. Numbers 3,4 and 5 all moved, so I accepted my promotion to number 3. However, in a situation very similar to our original hero, the new checkout attendant never arrived at the new queue. So I ended up getting through the checkout before the person that was originally number 3 in the queue. Its the small victories that matter.


If I never step foot in a fucking Billa again I’ll be delighted

I can’t find any of my passes or anything, and I’m such a squirrel. I know we had some branded sugar :laughing:

our lidl is self service most of the time, but they will occasionally open a till if it gets busy. but you can’t see the till queue from the self service queue. so when the person in charge of self service starts shouting at people to join the queue for the till, you have no idea what you are walking into. will you be first in the new queue? will you be behind more people than you already are? total gamble. it’s chaos.

Excellent analysis, though the UK isn’t always great at this. I’ve gotten so used to table service in bars in NL, that when I was in the UK last, and realised that in order to get a drink, I had to stand at a bar and play games in order to get someone’s attention in order to serve me, I ended up deciding not to bother and just went without a drink till we went somewhere more civilised.



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There are NORMA and PennyMarkt to subject you to. I think an effective curse would be to doom someone to have to eat every meal for the rest of their life from one of those. Think Costcutter/Farm Foods but more depressing. Lots of branches in the less glamourous bits of Vienna with peeling beige lino floor tiles, flickering neon lights and giant stacks of discount toilet paper in random floor spots.

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a few times when I moved back to the UK and went into pubs, I’d order a drink and then start walking back to my table without paying for it because in Span they tab it up for you by default even if you order at the bar

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Been in a few PennyMarkts. Not good. Not good at all.

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Norma is the more depressing version of Pennymarkt.

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Thread should have started with “To whom it may concern”

Voll geil

Jo, ned, das geht sich gut aus.

Bist du echt ein Wiener/in*?

Ne, i bin englisch, aber auch Wanderlehrerin in Österreich normalerweise.

Klingt lovely! Great country for a big old hike.