Supermarket stuff you like in other countries



Cheap everyday snacks they don’t sell in the UK but you always get when you go to that country. Pictures & country please.






Peanuts with a deep fried batter and bbq seasoning

Rosemary crisps

Red Bull Cola, which weirdly is similar to Fentiman’s and made of natural ingredients


All across Central Europe



Love this stuff. Can sometimes find it in various shops in Chinatown but it never tastes the same.


you can get Red Bull Cola and rosemary crisps in the uk




Used to always get this to drink when on holiday in France.





Noitapilli from Finland. “Witches straws”. Basically salmiak cream rock.


Also a big fan of Hiperdino supermarkets on the Canary Islands. Just look at it!



literally the most impractical bar snack on the planet, but everyone eats them

Ruffles @Ruffers

The British Tourist’s choice:

And literal aisles in the supermarket devoted to Milka products.


I haven’t seen Red Bull Cola for ages over here, which is a pity.

It’s more this specific brand of rosemary crisps.


Beer in plastic bottles


You’ve got this terrible song from Mallorca stuck in my head now:


also, free gifts (bottle opener, flip flops etc) with purchases of 8 or more bottles of beer.




used to love one of these on childhood holidays in France as a kid