Supermarket thread - open and varied

Why is the beer section in Sainsbury’s so fucking shit and no offers ever?.


You can buy all sorts of things in a supermarket


Yeah I have noticed that.

Imagine them not existing and having to go to five or six or seven shops to do your weekly shop. People must have spent all their time shopping.


You’ve ansswered your own question there, Lonzo.

On the other hand, it was better for local businesses and the quality of produce was probably better also

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Yeah the offers part is the worst bit but also their range compares to say Tezzas is appalling.

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Yes I suppose so. Lots of people don’t even bother going to the supermarket anymore. Imagine not choosing your own bananas.

Would love to go to the farm shop in the morning with my basket and get fresh everything, rather than trail around a supermarket peering at labels and trying not to get knocked into by giant trolleys

Also farm shops in london are an awful parody of the real thing and i hate the ones I’ve seen

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I now only really ever go to a very specific Aldi which is totally dead in the evenings. A mostly blissful shopping experience.

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I don’t buy bananas

Banana thief!


Not just in London. Farm shops are ludicrously expensive.

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Subthread: What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve seen on sale in a Supermarket?

For me? A TV.

yeah - its deff shit compared to others

I’m waiting for my local to admit defeat and close the daft sushi bar no one wants or needs and is really expensive (i like sushi but supermarket sushi is a cheapish lunch thing IMO and this sushi is not cheapish and it’s not in a location that attracts a lunch kinda crowd)

My Mum and Dad are always trying to get me to drink “this lovely apple juice we got from the Farm Shop” and I’m always like “Shut up, I want a fucking Ribena not this bullshit”



(beer ranking only)

Yeah ours has sushi too. Ridiculous. It’s near a business park though so I guess it is being sustained by the bright young things I see in there when I have done my shopping on a Friday lunchtime.

On the Continent I believe they have “Hypermarkets”

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I was just about to explode in anger.

Yeah although I think Tezza might just win due to offers.

the deli counter has far less stuff as a result - less choice of olives and salami and whatnot, no fresh anchovies at all! (used to be perfect when I was making my own pizzas)