Supersonic 2019

Still only announced Neurosis, who were announced about a month ago. Bit odd.

Seems to be some confusion over the tickets too, as Neurosis is at a separate venue (Birmingham Town Hall).

Quite like Neurosis but would be good to see some other bands before buying a ticket.

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The Body, The Bug, Godflesh, Jerusalem In My Heart announced.

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Neurosis and Godflesh are doing a London date now so basically I won’t further investigate this. The Bug and Godflesh and Moor Mother would all point towards a Zonal get together had they not played last year

Anna Van Hausswolff, Pigs x7, Dalek, Mono and a few others added. Lovely job.

Pigs x 7 are getting everywhere! Good job as well, ace band.

Few days… Looking forward to it a fair bit. Couple of irritating clashes.

Anyone excited? Only got confirmed company for the Friday which may be jarring. Hotel room to myself though the rest of the time which will be nice.

Dead good as always. Big Lad (who absolutely stole Friday night), Neurosis, Big Joanie, HHY and the Macumbas, The Bug (when the sound got sorted, Kevin looked like he was having a terrible time for the first quarter of an hour), Paddy Steer, Mono and Anna Von Hausswolff were all brilliant, don’t think I saw anyone bad all weekend and the sound was exemplary in all the venues. Organisation was iffy in places, didn’t like the setup of the main room at all (having the bar next to the only door meant that getting in and out was enormous faff, especially on the Saturday when the warehouse closed early and literally everyone went to the Bug) and AVH starting late on Sunday must have meant Dalek played to an empty room. Small details though, was a brilliant weekend, just as friendly and weird as ever.