Supersonic Festival 2022

First acts announced for 2022


oooh is the bug touring then

Great lineup. Saw Blue Ruth live recently and she was phenomenal

June of 44 - bloody hell


Just added this to the Festivals board.

Of that lineup I know

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Good old Capsule. My home town festival and i bloody love it. Really strong first announcement. Can’t believe June of 44 are playing!

Last time i had to pop off to a Thou matinee in notts part way through the fest so glad they are playing this time also.

Excellent first announcement from a great festival, July too which is great the 2 Ive attended were later in the year so on the cold side.

Anybody at this? Going on Sunday; food tips etc welcome if you’re already there!

Main pointer is that the High Street is pretty much unpassable due to roadworks so the easiest way to the venues is through the back streets on the Custard Factory side of the road. Not here tomorrow but the new venues are both great, Digbeth seems to have an inexhaustible supply of ex-industrial spaces that are well-suited to noisy gigs. There’s a food court at the Mill too ), got Tempeh, Wings and some other stuff I don’t remember.


Also: earplugs are a must, 7Svn in particular is incredibly loud. They’re not holding back on the lights either, which could be an issue if you or anyone in your party has any problem with strobe lighting.

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Thanks for that! Packed various ear plugs because Big Brave.