Fucking amazingly funny. Seen it twice now, both audiences howling with laughter throughout. Thought it might be at bit long at two hours but no. Mad how much of the early stuff they recorded - conversations, videos on the road, etc.

Concentrates on 92-96 mainly, aka when they were good. You forget how huge they were around the time of Morning Glory and Knebworth. Should’ve called it a day then, really.

The uptight manbabies on here will pretend to hate it, but even if you dislike the band it’s a nice nostalgic return to the 90s, when lets be honest we were all simply a lot happier.

Sorry for liking something popular.

Obligatory mention of lads and haircuts.


Weird how little buzz there has been for this tbh, feel like regardless of opinions on Oasis this is the sort of documentary that would be generating a bit more chat, I was barely aware of it’s existence in all honesty.


Noel’s commentary concerning his own vids that popped up a while back reminded me how much I absolutely love them.

As a kid I was Blur/Pulp. These days I’m Pulp/Oasis


They were fucking hilarious, say what you want about him but he’s legit funny.


"What the fuck are we doing here?

"At some point someone’s cracked it - walking. They’re brilliant at walking. Let’s do more of that.

“Who the fuck paid for those helicopters??”


The main thing i took away from the film was how fucking huge they sounded at their peak (or just before). The Knebworth shows were too big and by most accounts a letdown, but from their first gig up until then, when Liam’s voice had begin to go, they were a wall of noise. The live footage of their early gigs is superb. It must have been great to catch them in them smaller venues before they got too big.


Not a fan of Liam or the music but anything where I can hear noel bants is fine by me.


Yeah that would have been a dream. Like you say sonically it’s easy to remember them as being a bit kind of indie-shmindie sounding, but in reality massive massive guitars and (hate to use the cliche but) soaring vocals. So good. Impossible not to jump up and down.


Just rewatched it there. Fucking hilarious.


4 years old in 92 weren’t you?


Weirdly thinking about watching this


in 1994 I was 20 years old. gonna be honest, their debut absolutely blew everything out of the water that year. listened to that album on cassette day in, day out for that whole summer.

fucking superb stuff.

sure, they’ve stolen, pilfered and robbed their way to the top, but you name me one guitar based band in the last 25 years that haven’t. 35 years, in fact. solid band and a great bunch of lads.


Their cover of I Am the Walrus on Jools is amazing


Saw them at Glasgow Barrowlands twice, just before and after Definitely Maybe was released.
First show was 3 songs in when Liam’s voice broke during the chorus of Digsys Dinner. He slammed down the microphone and stormed offstage leaving Noel to play and sing for the rest of the show. Between the songs the crowd were changing “Liam’s a wanker”.
After the last song Noel told us to keep our tickets cos they’d be back in a couple of weeks to play again for free.
When they returned the atmosphere was incredible!! Liam walked on stage and shouted " who the fuck were you fookers calling a wanker". They launched into Rock N Roll Star and took the roof off the place, kasabian style.
What an amazing 2 shows.



Not exactly groundbreaking, but whatever, some enjoyable tunes I suppose.


what is though, man? I’d be interested to hear of one band from say 1990’s onwards who haven’t just regurgitated someone else’s ideas

happy to be proven wrong though


You know, I listened to the Be Here Now reissue the other day. It’s really not that bad.

Definitely should’ve called it after that though.


There aren’t many, I appreciate that - but Oasis really did have it down to a fine art didn’t they even compared to their contemporaries.
I mean I suppose bands like Portishead, Unwound, even Marilyn Manson and the like who even if you can sort of see what they were into really redefined a lot of stuff too but yeah I guess Oasis took it to an nth degree.


Documentary was amazing. Best band in the world for the period it covers. Well worth the watch.


The weird thing is that for all they were labelled Beatles rip-offs they sounded more like and ripped other bands off to a greater extent. I’d even say their similarities with the Beatles stop at Liam’s look and some of Noel’s later acoustic stuff.

I’ve always quite liked how Noel has been open about it. Morrissey’s the same with his lyrics. Plagisrising effectively’s a skill. There’s nothing wrong with taking a work and putting your own spin on it. Everybody who writes music’s influenced by someone else to do it. Seems a silly thing to criticise for.