According to Stevie: “Superstition ain’t the way”* but we all have them don’t we?

What are yours, DiS?

(*Best intro ever btw)

I don’t think I have any, but I have noticed recently that I’m very tentative about touching metal in public (door handles etc.) which I think is through worry about static shocks, which is silly because it doesn’t matter how hard you touch something does it.

This is barely relevant sorry, good luck with the thread NV

I genuinely don’t think I have any. I walk over 3 grates on the pavement with reckless abandon, I’ve flown on Friday 13th, I own a black cat. I don’t walk under ladders but that’s not a superstition thing, just common sense.

So many stupid ones that I’ve inherited from my incredibly superstitious mum. I can’t shake them even though I know they’re ridiculous.

Don’t walk under ladders
Don’t step on cracks
Don’t open umbrellas indoors
Don’t put new shoes on the table
Open your curtains before midday unless you’re mourning
Don’t step on a three-grate (spit on it if you do)
Don’t break a mirror
Always leave a home by the same door you entered or you’ll fall out with the occupants

I find that mother’s tend to say hello to magpies as well

Oh god, the minutes we’ve wasted searching for a second magpie because of that stupid rhyme.

sometimes i won’t step on the cracks but just to try and entertain myself not for any superstitious reasons

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I have a belief that somerthing horrible is just waiting to happen to me so I’d better not get too happy.

I’m not sure that’s the same thing though

Got loads of weird OCD shit which doesn’t seem that relevant. I’m very superstitious about football and gigs though.


Make sure I’m watching from the start, preferably the build-up.
Don’t stop watching while they’re playing - wait for half time to pee, eat, etc.
If I don’t do these things, it’s my fault if we lose.


Start with cymbal logos all facing me (should happen anyway), all sticks in exact right places, snares OFF (and turn them on immediately before playing).
Tune toms down then back up.
Never have a drink before playing, but have two pints of water next to me.
Again, a bad gig is because I didn’t do these things.


Wouldn’t have the volume on the TV/radio set to 13, would always go to 12 or 14 in that case.

Keep saluting at single magpies.
It’s got to the point that I pretend I’m scratching my head so people don’t think I’m weird

My girlfriend told me off for putting new shoes on the table a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t even know it was a superstition, completely bonkers

I have a couple that are thrust upon me, I’m not allowed to hand a knife directly to my gf, I have to put it down on a thing near her for her to then pick it up. I also get bollocked if my shoes aren’t lined up when I take them off for superstitious reasons but I’d do that anyway because I’m not a monster.

None that I know of.

I’m fairly fussy about certain things but I’m certain this is about what gives me pleasure/displeasure rather than a belief that it can influence other things.

what’s the superstition with new shoes?

Had to google it

I really like the line in that song “you believe in things that you don’t (or can’t) understaaaaaaand”

Oh god you’ve just reminded me of all the wanky theatre ones, break a leg and the Scottish play and all that.

You were wearing them at the time tbf