Is anyone else watching Superstore? Created by one of the writers from the US Office and with a comparable vibe, albeit darker.

I was lukewarm on the first couple of seasons - great cast, hit-and-miss script. But the TV and I have spent the last couple of weekends catching up on S3 and S4 and it feels like it’s really stepped up - Parks & Rec style ensemble but with some truly dark weirdness and a pretty blatantly anti-corporation, socialist undercurrent.

It seems to be flying under the radar outside of the US but I guess that’s because it isn’t on any of the streaming services. Well worth a watch FFO The Office, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99 etc.

On ITV2, apparently. But there’s a thread for The Mandalorian on here and Disney+ hasn’t even launched in the UK so I’m sure people find other ways to watch things…

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Is it the one with Ugly Betty?

EDIT : Ugly Betty - that was a weird one wasn’t it?

Never saw Ugly Betty but yes, it is indeed.

Was hoping the thread was about this. Sadly not.


You beat me to it.

My favourite of the Saturday morning live show era.

I have a soft spot for Swapshop but I did love Saturday Superstore.

Swapshop’s just before my time :slight_smile:

Going Live was pretty good too.