🐶 supervet thread


Who’s watching?

Harvey smashing through reception in his cone of shame is my highlight so far


Look at Teddy go! :sob:


Matey in the lion mane was incredible


I didn’t see this episode but I do love supervet. I’ll most definately be a future active poster in this thread.


i have never seen the supervet


missed this thread! i watch a lot of supervet but every time i go like --> awww cute doggos :heart_eyes: --> aww injured doggos :sob: --> why is supervet always touching and hugging people :confused: --> hooray doggos are OK now! (usually)


Dogs are so much better than cats. This cat sounds like a right dickhead


oh shit I’m missing it!


How many mums has he hugged


I just turned it over and he hugged a lady.

Edit: hugged her again, then hugged 2 more ladies


2 for the price of 1


Daisy only hissed like that when she got her claw stuck in something and we were trying to free it for her


Water doggos :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Hug #3! I’ve only been watching for 2 mins!!!


Still 15 mins for more hugs


Pram Dog!!!


That Russian terrier :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Mark Owen!!!


Ohhh it so sad hearing when they’re in pain :cry:


Noel makes them yelp in pain out of some sort of sadistic need I’ve decided