youse taking any?

guy i work with was all over them. multivitamins every day, would hammer the vitamin c whenever he felt a cold coming on. melatonin for sleeping. garlic powder for… some reason.

worth doing?

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You should take folic acid if there’s a chance you could get pregnant, but that’s it.

Yes, you.

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vitamin C + zinc effervescent every day
vitamin D every day

do you notice a difference when you don’t take them?


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EPO and buckfast



phil gaimon was talking about them on his youtube cycling program, had me thinking about them.

multivitamin and some oil… fish oil or something? i think he was suggesting

Before I started working with children I was very sickly and would get a cold if someone sneezed near me. Now I get a cold once a year for about 3 days!

I do use a lot of antibacterial hand soap though. And if I can feel myself getting ill, I will cane the echinacea tablets. I feel the vitamins do help a lot to prevent getting sick and making the sickness less intense, rather than stopping you feeling ill once you’re already ill iykwim.

Nothing crazy just:

fish oil
vitamin C
turmeric (mostly for the anti-inflammatory properties)

Used to take echinacea until i read that it doesn’t have any beneficial effect

This is the one pretty much everyone in the UK should be taking, innit. Most others are just a good way of making expensive urine.

they’re not that expensive though? saw a bottle of 100 for like a quid

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Vit D. Could easily be a placebo effect but i’m sleeping like a toasty nan and feeling a lot more chipper

Yeah I always feel more awake/in a better mood once I’ve taken vitamin D. Probably also because I’m more awake by that point in the morning…

Quite a lot of monosodium glutamate.


I was just about to say that - 3 months of Multivitamins and Iron is £3.

I’m sure drinking craft beer is a far more expensive way of generating urine!

Anyway, I started taking the above when I got diagnosed with high blood pressure, just in case I was deficient in anything.

vitamin d is good

might start popping some iron