🥰 "Support Us" - new feature to help DiS survive (Rolling Feedback Thread)

Hello everybody,

Discourse who host our forums have introduced a new feature that we’re piloting. It allows you to help with the upkeep of these forums that you’ve grown to love.

This is a brand new feature and I’ll explain more in due course but please add any feedback/issues/suggestions in this thread so we can feedback.

It’s really wonderful that they’re helping us keep things sailing, so please be polite with your responses and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

This has all happened quite quickly and I’m hideously busy with my day job, so I’m still fine-tuning some of the things, like what supporters will receive, how we don’t create any divide between those who do and don’t support us.

Above all, this feels like an elephant just climbed off my back at worrying about keeping these forums alive.

More soon

For anyone who runs a Discourse forum or wants to nerd out, there’s lots of info about this function here:


That’s amazing. So good to hear :slight_smile:


FIRST :sunglasses: what bonus do I get?

I think this question has been asked already, but which is the better way to fund DiS - through the Discourse subscription, or the current PayPal payments?

(in terms of making the most of our money go to where it is needed)


does it have to be a rolling subscription? my income is irregular so’d rather chip in as and when I can

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So my suggestions would be:

  • changing the donation amount from $ to £
  • sign-posting to one-off donations if it’s not possible to do this via the Support function
  • if possible, stick a logo or some kind of specific message on the banner, so it looks more legit (as opposed to looking like an ad banner or something)

It’s a massive step forward though.

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This, I came here from reading an HMRC document and it looks like a GOV.UK box!

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It’s the Big Society!

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Happy to contribute, would like it if this is looked at though (obviously you’ve already posted about it, so I’m happy you’re aware of it). Don’t want anyone who isn’t able to contribute for whatever reason to feel like they’re highlighted in any way, be that through a difference in avatars or something else like that.


Oh yes. I have a little sub-icon on my avatar - I’m not 100% sure about that

it’s a little bit difficult to read the form in dark mode fyi.

think i managed it though

Re: the sub icons - it could be perceived as creating a divide but it clearly also has a fundraising function in spreading the message and encouraging all who can to contribute

Maybe it could be timed, like at the start of each month it’s switched on but once you hit server cost target it can switch off …so it’s like a little pass-the-hat each month and then when the target is hit it doesn’t matter who the individuals were, it was a team effort


if i close the “support us” banner, am i able to navigate back to it somehow?

would like to check in and see how it’s doing at some point

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should reappear after 3 months afaik

Done why does it show $0 of $600 contributions. Does this mean it will take money next month rather than straight away?

my one is showing £47 of £600

Yep definitely not showing. although I’m guessing the London DiS Christmas do is to go and see Gary Wilmot due to the advert


about to donate but not at all a fan of avatars showing whether you have supported or not, and also the banner showing recent supporters. Some people may not be able to contribute right now and I know it would definitely make me feel guilty