🥰 "Support Us" - new feature to help DiS survive (Rolling Feedback Thread)

Interesting, it fits on my screen so I guess there are more resolutions in play than expected

I’m also on android

There’s a thread for this over here

is it maybe a font size thing? both the Website and Support DiS are much bigger in that image than on my phone

It is android but switching to the 4 mobile version fixes it, ta!

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Actually I only seem to be able to change between Graceful, Standard Colours and Vincent. All the others look like Standard Colours. Very odd.

I raised this issue on Site Feedback

If you change your theme in settings to one of the ‘…4 Mobile’ options, it should sort it out.

That’s how I fixed it (Chrome browser on an Xperia).

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Also I’ve just removed the website link


five hundo :eyes:


Amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It sounds like I might as well carry on with my normal DiS Paypal payments that I make every month as it still goes to DiS. Except it’ll look like I don’t contribute because it’s not in my avatar? Sorry, I haven’t read the whole thread yet.

The avatar badge has been switched off atm

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What are the expenses of DiS other than the forum? Is it just retention of the archive website?

That would be much appreciated. The forums are only half our outgoings and we have have a fair bit of debt to pay down.

Hosting old site (including the code on Heroku, back up of code, and images on Amazon)

Filing annual company accounts as we’re a limited company

Misc stuff like domain and email (only on corporate gmail so it’s cheap)

Currently we’ve been running at a lost so I’ve been paying some of these bills personally.


I still think the raffle idea is a good one; any update on this?

We found out that raffles are only allowed for charitable or other good causes. However sean mentioned recently that he’s intending to look into making dis a not for profit or a charity at some point, so it might be worth us revisiting the idea if that happens.



Especially now AQoS is less of a going concern. I’ve got the badges, no need for the byline.


Wish I had time to look into this properly. As you may have seen, Max Richter just announced a new album that’s out in a few weeks and I’m also working with The Anchoress who’s about to go on tour with Manics, so a lot of my headspace taken up at the moment. And not really has a day off since last September (excluding being in a slump for a few days over Christmas).

Anyway, I’ll get on it soon.


@justindirose It might just be my account, but at the moment I’m unable to edit and/or cancel my recurring subscription.

If I go to Billing, I’m shown a message saying ‘You have no active subscriptions’ although there is a payment listed in the Payments section.

If I wanted to edit or amend my support amount, how would I do that?