Supportive nodding

Do you nod your head in support of someone at a talk/event?

  • I am nodding supportively at this poll
  • No head movement from me
  • Only nonsupportive head shaking here
  • Depends

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Loads of head nodding going on at this event. Cant tell if I’m doing it or not as there’s so many undulating heads around me.

  • I nod my head but only to make others aware that I too know my stuff just like this speaker

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I am almost constantly nodding when someone else talks, especially when my mind wanders and I am not focusing on them. I’m trying to at least look like I’m taking it in!


no movement, blank face, lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a dolls eyes


Big nodder, me.



Big fan of nodding, a Nodding Respecter

When someone’s not looking at me: No nods, positive acknowledgement handled internally.
When someone’s looking at me: Lots of nods, positive acknowledgement displayed externally, regardless of whether it’s understood or not.

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If they’re not looking at me then I’m not nodding hard enough


I don’t like doing things you’re expected to do as a crowd member / pressured to do by crowd behaviour instincts

actually makes me very anxious these days!

I will make eye supportive eye-contact and facial expressions perhaps

Of course, that’s what TKC stands for - The Knodder? Constant!

The K is silent


I do it all the time now on teams calls so it looks like I care/am listening.

I’ve learnt over the years of making speeches to juries that there is absolutely no correlation between people nodding and them actually agreeing with you or even understanding what you are going on about. It’s very easy to be distracted by an enthusiastic nodder into thinking that you have someone in the palm of your hand.

I’ve come to realise over the years that for some people nodding means something like ‘yes, I have heard you say that thing, please don’t say it any more’

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Compassionate big ears


feel too self aware if I’m watching a speaker at an event, and my mind is usually half elsewhere too for some reason in this format.

in person, one to one, I am a big nodder. I like doing that big, massive ´OH I understand’ nod coupled with a bow.

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if i was sat front row then i’d nod i think. but i would never allow that to happen

Love bowing my head a bit. Nice little bit of socially acceptable submission.

Love when cats show their bellies to another cat in submission.


Me and Bones look at each other, slow blink and then a small bow/nod.


Started randomly accusing him of ‘naughtiness’ when I see him clowning around in the living room or whatever. Hope he likes that