Suppose I'll start the Monday thread then

Here’s a squirrel chugging a Fosters in Hulme Park this morning

(from here

How are you? Seen any drunk animals today?


you shouldn’t give fosters to squirrels

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they prefer stella


I’ve seen a human being drink Tennents Super.



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Doing some User Acceptance Testing today. No idea how to log into the system or where to go for it.

Waste of a day. And tomorrow I expect.

But then a five day weekend.

Edit - Hello @scout et al.


Off to work shortly, half term is over so it’ll be a lot quieter. Doing a little bit of side work with some people I know who are launching a vodka so might sneak off somewhere to work on that instead of my actual job. Nice day here too, probably do a fire later and have marshmallows for pudding.

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hi team, hope you’re all well. had an insane headache last night reminiscent of when i was getting CT scans and, yay, it’s still here. great news. pray for sheeldz.

got a MH call at 10am and then it’s Frank’s vaccinations and stuff. he turned 7 YEARS OLD today, so i’ll post a photo thing up shortly.

then podcasting and preparing for a Big Job Interview on Wednesday. :smiley:

Morning all!

A friend of mine tells a story about a very famous supermodel turning up for an appointment with them drinking a can of Fosters and smelling like an old pub at 10am in the morning.

I’ve got interviews all morning and four students coming to do assessments at 1.00. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some marking done while they work.

Monday morning breakfast meeting


Morning all.

Had a truly terrible night’s sleep, and hayfever seems to be kicking off for the first time in several weeks today. Yay.

Is it home time yet?

Morning all.

Had about 12 hours of sleep and still feel utterly knackered. No fair.

Today is my Friday, but I’m only off tomorrow, which I guess makes it my Sunday? Why do I have two Sundays this week? Terrible planning.

Not much else to report tbh. Hope you’re all well.

morning all :wave:

absolutely roasting on my train, dunno if they’ve got the heating on or something but not an ideal start :sweat: first full week at work in a while too so… ergh.

thought I was getting ill again on Saturday night but I didn’t, seem fine so far today, so at least that’s good.

Great Northern seem to have forgotten to employ enough drivers this morning so I’m on a bus to the Tube.

Hey all, hope you had a good weekend.

I just walked back from my partner’s house, already mafting and sweaty, good start. Going into Uni to do an experiment and then will grab a coffee and read a research paper…hopefully.

Southern rail really bent me over this morning

“Staff delayed coming to work” or something

I’m having to wear my winter coat again today. Not impressed at all.

It’s almost as if when you cancel enough trains people can’t get to work!

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Hello. Today is my Sunday.

Just on the plane there, getting our flight back to Cork. Sad to be leaving Barcelona but I’m mad looking forward to a cup of tea.