Suppose I'll start the Monday thread then

So last week our Facilities Manager kicked me off my new computer for an hour to get the printer set up and I was a right huffy bitch about it. Proper rude, I was. Well now she’s only gone and bought me a box of Celebrations to apologise :flushed: Really don’t feel I deserve this bounteous box of goodies :cold_sweat:


weekend ended fairly badly and now its monday and its shit

Start a thread about Celebrations and see the hashtag hot takes roll in.

Panicking at work et cetera

Didn’t sleep that well. Dreamt about a good dog.

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might do something fun today

anyone like julien baker?

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going to brighton later to see julia holter

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bands from kenosha, wisconsin:

the kenosha kickers

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I’ve forgotten my headphones, today is not going well

Used to love bourbons but they don’t actually taste of chocolate, do they? Custard cream please.

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I didn’t know you knew Fabio! Do you know him from the sexy bike club too?

was sat with @ma0sm yesterday and a pinecone fell from a tree and landed on my head


Like how you’ve put them in order of quality too.

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Friends, it is 2019, we can get decent biscuits wherever we want, stop romanticising the cream filled semi failures of the past and contemprise already.

i wouldn’t say i know him, famously likes a fosters though

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I can hear a sad dog

I can confirm that this was true