Suppose I'll start the Monday thread then

Came here to moan about hayfever. I’ve already sneezed myself into a banging headache.

Today’s breakfast buffet included being treated to a lounge version of Rhythm Is a Dancer. Unfortunately, rhythm has never been less of a dancer.

Felt like I spent the whole nighr hallucinating. Crazy visuals, all the mad dreams and some of the really popular ones, like my first missed uni exam dream in years. It was all quite fun but left me unable to talk for a good hour after waking.

Hoping to go to the Spa in a few minutes. Then off to meet m4s for lunch and have a few last drinks

Oh gosh, someone is butchering Weather With You now.

Finally, I must open up to you about some recent foolishness I’ve been at the forefront of. The coffee here is one of those abysmal pod machines. It actually makes pretty decent coffee, but all of this is by the by. What I’ve realised is that for the every time I’ve taken a coffee pod from the coffee pod holder, I’ve been taking the coffee pods from the place where the coffee pods are put into the coffee pod holder, rather than where you are ment to take the coffee pods from the coffee pod holders. I blushed seriously hard when i realised my error. Can’t believe what I’ve done IMHO.

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You look pretty cute when you blush though, IMHO.

PS. Didn’t even realise that was weather. Atrocious.

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I’m just such a plum. (one of the red ones not a green one or owt)

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Had some nice cat cuddles last night although the spoilt brat woke me up super early to open the blinds so he could sit and watch the street. The less said about work the better but going to see Frankie Boyle’s work in progress tonight and have got some leftover curry for lunch so it’s not all bad.

Morning Scout, peeps. I got into work and there’s only custard cremes left in the biscuit tin. Week’s already started on a bum note :frowning:


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Morning! The incredibly badly named food stall is back outside work again.


I enjoy a custard cream.


Superior to a Bourbon that’s for sure

  • Custard
  • Bourbon

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which one ar

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I don’t have any cool pictures I’m afraid

What the hell is wrong with y’all?


Have we finally found the fault line between DiS and SA?

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This is a bullshit poll. Custard vs Bourdon is no contest - custard is the devil’s semen.

Custard creams on the other hand

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I will die on this fucking hill


Ayy lads last week of me being [current age]. Life is pretty exciting

So last week our Facilities Manager kicked me off my new computer for an hour to get the printer set up and I was a right huffy bitch about it. Proper rude, I was. Well now she’s only gone and bought me a box of Celebrations to apologise :flushed: Really don’t feel I deserve this bounteous box of goodies :cold_sweat:


weekend ended fairly badly and now its monday and its shit