Supposedly new MBV in 2018




When do we reckon it’ll actually come out then?

Place your bets


probably coincide with the joint my vitriol tour


Got to get the ol’ 22 year hype cycle up and running




Literally one of the most freaky gifs I’ve seen in a while…


Currently being ‘mixed’ as we speak. That’s said, MBV was pretty good.


Where did you hear that?


can’t remember a single thing about the last album


Imagine if it’s an audiobook of Loveless liner notes


Didn’t they make a big fuss about remastering the classic lps a few years ago? Can’t find them on vinyl anywhere


he’s been working on those for a while. There’s at least photographic proof of that though.


Sorry, it was a joke. Wasn’t he ‘mixing’ the last album for about 5 years? Or the remasters, can’t remember.


5 years to remaster loveless for it to sound exactly the same


it’s really good. the last song sounds like aeroplanes.


It’s good but can’t shake off the idea that it’s a hodgepodge of the different things that they tried over the years. Syro was another comeback that suffered from that


I love mbv, but can’t really disagree with that. Makes me wonder even more what a fourth album would sound like though.


Just reading the word syro triggers memories of tracks off that record, can’t recall a note of mbv


Legit think ‘Only Tomorrow’ is one of the best MBV songs. Absolutely love it.