Supposedly new MBV in 2018


Cautiously hyped for this.


How’s that one go? :thinking:


I reckon you could swap most of the songs on mbv with similar loveless ones and loveless would be as good, yet mbv is not good



Like if you were to replace songs on loveless with ones from mbv it would hold up to having a lot of songs being swapped and still be as good, obviously there would be a tipping point where it is more mbv than loveless, it would be like a game of buckeroo, if careful the thing would hold


Maybe operation is the better analogy, or some operation/buckeroo hybrid


I remember not liking it very much. Haven’t listened to it in about 3 years.


would put at least a couple tracks from that album as among their best.


I mean, that’s pretty much what it is? It’s material stemming from at least 3 different recording sessions between 1993 and 1998 or so, plus then-new sessions to finish it off. I agree that ti feels a bit compilation-like, though I think it works fairly well for what it is and a bulk of the material is strong on its own.


Last two tracks are good


i remember thinking it was absolutely fine but completely unmemorable


I heard a funny story from a member of another Creation band where Kevin played them 20 ‘different’ (identical) mixes of a particular song then asked them which one they liked.
‘Er, number 6???’


Listening to it now, and I remember what I didn’t like was the terrible production. It’s muddy, like listening through mucus. That’s presumably what the army of producers on Loveless sorted out for him. The exceptions are New You and Wonder 2 (which lack the layering that made Loveless so enjoyable but which make m b v a chore).


Astonishingly the treble booster on itunes makes it a bit better.


sounds good when you listen through speakers and turn it up. maybe not so good through head or earphones.

might be the other way round.

idk; I thought it sounded bad initially, then changed my mind.


I remember doing that on first listen, buy my family really don’t like it :roll_eyes: so it’s earphones or a sound-dock, which just isn’t as good. Loveless sounded good whatever.


Like everything MBV release it sounds whopper when you just TURN IT UP!


i didn’t think it sounded bad, was quite warm and full sounding i thought


It’s hard to explain, it just seems muddy. I thought I nailed it with mucus. This is why I don’t write reviews for popular music websites.


I don’t think the army of producers fixed anything, he has always said so many people were credited because it was worked on in so many places over a long time so everyone got a credit no matter how little they did, and that it was always the band in control people were just there to make tea and press record, he does lie a lot in interviews though so who knows