Supposedly new MBV in 2018


remember this :joy:

RIP irony


Only white lies. About how long it will take to release his next album (he’s still the bees’ knees though).


And how he doesn’t use effect pedals



Get the chills EVERY time I hear Only Shallow. Literally, EVERY time.


[sounds like a] “mermaid falling into a black hole or something”



It sounds literally NOTHING like that.


I’ll never get sick of it.


Like a THING doing a THING in a THING. Talking Heads eh?


Just to be clear, I was quoting someone off that video you posted, not saying that about Only Shallow


John Doran actually. He’s a good writer but occasionally ends up in full on Pseud’s Corner mode.


No problem, I’d heard that too, but then the video started with Kevin tripping up on a Maplin catalogue.


that’s John Doran? : D I love his voice

just went up in my estimation because he sounds like he’d be fun to have drink with


He’s a non-drinker these days so maybe you could bring him for a soda water and lime?


I’m alright with non-drinking. we can just get buzzed off our mutual love of ace music.


Only Tomorrow is out of this world and it is a great album all round in my view. Weirdly, I dreamed this news of a new album a few weeks back…


Hmm, let’s remember things not on the EP and remasters. Always liked this one:

Can’t find that “2” song on the interweb, but that was stonking too.


Ah, there we go:


wish 2 had made an official appearance on that compilation. Lovely track.

Not too keen on Kevin Song, but apparently it was left off due to not being able to find the master tapes(?)


This was my favourite of those leaked songs, the rest of which ended up on the EP compilation.