Supposedly new MBV in 2018


…and a tour please…PLEASE…I’ve been holding out hopes they would do Primavera again…this has increased the chances somewhat…I noticed Kevin is playing at the Sigur Ros festival…albeit maybe solo?!


not got high hopes for this, but yolo. love a bit of Loveless. at my mate’s tournament the other month I picked Only Shallow as my walk-on music if I made the final. finished 3rd so didn’t get to troll everyone with it :cry: but then it turned out the guy who was runner up, who i well fancy, loves MBV. swoon. have recently been enjoying that MBV memes page on Facebook as well (you can never have too much hoover-themed content)

this is totally one of my desert islands discs~


Don’t know why it’s never occurred to me before that Only Shallow would be amazing as walk on music

As all the memes say “dut dut dut dut dut dut dut dut VreeeooooOOOOoooowww reeeeeaaaaOoooooaaawww”


Am I alone (or maybe those shows were just particularly a bit dodgy sound-wise - I went to the Manchester show a few years ago and remember reviews commenting on the levels being a bit wank) in my opinion that I found them a tad disappointing live?


sometimes I just walk around quietly muttering dut dut dut dut VREEEEEOWWWWW VROWWWWWW VREEEEEOW to myself


which memes page, the ‘I am sad and listen to loveless every night’ one?


If I recall, they were having sound issues. I think they eventually fired the sound guy.


Was between that or “Duel” or Swervedriver for my wrestling entrance music


Ahhh…Duel. remember them playing a flawless Mescal Head set in support of Curve touring Cuckoo. Mesmerising.


That’s a shame, I remember feeling kind of bad for my friend I went with who hadn’t heard them before. Part of my enjoyment was kind of managing to decipher the songs I recognised from the sludge, but for someone unfamiliar it can’t have been so great.


Oh fuck, that is one of my favourite MBV tunes. DAT BASS. It’s going on the pub playlist for tonight RIGHT NOW.


wish they had put their Peel Sessions on that EP comp:


My friend linked me to that recently and it made my day. Kind of wish all of ‘Isn’t Anything’ had been recorded there.


I don’t think you’re alone but personally speaking the 2009 Manchester apollo gig was the best gig I’ve ever been to. I had the elacin earplugs in and it was just this gorgeous wall of sound washing over. I also saw them twice at Primavera that year and the indoor gig in particular was something else. I also loved their Hammersmith gig in 2013 ish. Basically I’m just a fanboy! It’s possible the levels were a little off that tour but i didn’t notice and the mbv sound is kind of meant to be a bit unfocused and unstable in my mind.


I’m sure there are people who genuinely like the album and I’m not discounting that when I say this, but to me it’s the ultimate “critics decided this was great ahead of time” album. It’s so bland and boring, the melodies aren’t there, and it’s devoid of emotional content. If a new shoegaze band had released it, I’m fairly confident that the reviews would have complained about them attempting to be MBV but failing to understand and capture anything that made them great.

The third to last song is decent, and the second to last song would have made a great transition song on a better album.


It wouldn’t have been 2009 cause i remember I’d graduated by then, it was after ‘mbv’ came out and they did thst tiny tour (after I’d already booked for Manchester, they added Birmingham to the schedule, I believe).

I wish I’d worn the ear plugs. My one ear was fucked for a good while afterwards.


Didnt our kevin moan that it was completely ignored by the critics? I dont remember hearing much glowing praise for it tbh


agreed. dont understand the criticism tbh. they were incredible. i was forced to the back and then stuck my earplugs in. the stench of vomit was quite grim but it was such an experience. the vocals mixed low worked really well for me,


Pitchfork gave it a glowing 9.1 and best new music, the avclub gave it an A-, and consequence of sound gave it an A+. Stereogum was very high on it too. It’s funny, looking back at the Pitchfork review now, I’m fairly certain either it or the mbv description in their best albums of 2013 list has been quietly edited, because I distinctly remember one of the two containing an absolutely ridiculous and out of nowhere shot at Billy Corgan saying something like “Only Tomorrow” is a song he could only dream about writing / that he spent his career trying and failing to make.


I’ll agree that a lot of the critics were quick to jump on the hype train, especially since most reviews came out within a day or two of it being released, but even if it wasn’t quite as good as they made it out to be, I still think it’s very good.

Not so sure about other, newer shoegaze bands being dismissed if they did the same thing as I think there’s still a sense of space that’s lacking in other bands along with a different approach to similar things. i.e. the use of drum’n’bass in the last song: other shoegaze bands have done the same in the interim, but where they just use a straight d’n’b beat, Kevin used it as layered instrument in its sound vortex. I find the difference between the former example and MBV’s Wonder 2 pretty stark, with the Astrobrite example just being a lame “bury it in the mix like we do everything else in the genre” approach.

disagree on it being emotional (would say it’s a different, warmer set of emotions. Then again, I’m apparently alone in not crying to Loveless on every listen) and that it lacks melodies.