Supposedly new MBV in 2018


Harsh on our Billy, given that I think Siamese Dream is a pretty singular album in terms of what it does with the whole “shoegaze” pallet.


oh my god and some of the B-sides from around that period actually, omfg Pitchfork you dicks


Pisces Iscariot was one HELL of an outtakes album. I can’t think of many better ones actually.


Suede’s Sci fi lullabies I think


That’s a good call.


Might you be remembering him complaining that it wasn’t eligible for the Mercury Prize?

Can’t find the article, but I remember one reviewer at the time suggesting they would rather listen to a breeze block in a washing machine :+1:


overly negative reviews for the album are way weirder than the overly positive ones. I can’t imagine an MBV fan not liking at least half the album.


can I shock you? I never even listened to m b v



Because waiting 20 years for half a good album is a bit galling?


fair enough I guess, but it still seems more like it’s criticizing it for what it represents rather than any of the actual material.


are these reissued vinyl new?


ooh, didn’t know this had launched. Someone had pointed out that some updates had happened.

yeah, those are new


Thank you so much for the heads up! Brilliant!


Shields definitely seems to really, really care what critics think of his music. Think this is one thing makes me a bit reserved about MBV tbh, the calculated feeling I get from a lot of it.


I don’t normally go in for reissues, but I’m tempted by these vinyl ones - the vinyl copy of mbv I have is one of the only albums where I’ve found there to be a noticeable difference (for the better) compared to the digital copy.


unless you have an original Creation pressing, odds are it was sourced from a digital copy…


The first pressing of m b v I mean, which wasn’t on Creation (I think it was self-released). The blurb at the time said:

"This vinyl album has been recorded as an analogue album. It was recorded on 2 inch 24 track analogue tape and mixed onto half inch analogue tape and mastered with no digital processing involved.

The vinyl is a true analogue cut, i.e. it hasn’t been put through a digital process during the cutting process unlike over 90% of all vinyl available today."

I’m not some analogue purist or anything, I’m not sure if the above details are why that record sounded so good, but the new reissues seem to have went through a similar process:

“180 gram vinyl album mastered from analog tapes using Studer A80 VU PRE and Neumann VMS 80 cutting lathe for full analog signal path.”


ah, ok. I don’t have the vinyl copy myself, but I have heard the LP pressing sounds quite a bit better than the digital version, even from those who weren’t as floored by it initially.


As I said about Shields months before mbv came out, the man lives in dog years.