Supposedly new MBV in 2018


In fairness, m b v was announced after someone asked him at a gig. He said a week and a week later it was with us!




Every time I have a cold that messes up one of my ears, there’s a monumental release. Listened to the start, and my right ear approved.


OK this is v v v v v nice




This is great. Should have used this to soundtrack Blade Runner 2 rather than that air horn…


would like a whole album of this pls


That’s kind of true but sells it short as well. I dunno i just don’t think about it too much when I’m listening to it, it sounds awesome and you can lose yourself in it. Besides which, it’s a common narrative with comeback albums to the point where comparing it with just syro and not a million others is a bit redundant.



What’s the probability that there will actually be an mbv album next year

  • 100%
  • 12%
  • Close to 0%

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(still excited tho)


this is good (if you like hearing kevin shields talk a load of bollocks, that is)


m b v still sounds like a piece of shit to me (shame, I like the melodies), so if he’s wankalogued Loveless, I shall be giving it a miss.


and I quotath the great man


from as much as i could be arsed to read it basically just sounds like he’s 100% recreated the originally digitally edited version from analogue tapes. doubt the end result is going to sound any different.


“The biggest challenge was recreating the liner notes, which I’d originally typed out on Microsoft Publisher, through purely analogue means. The typewriter had an ‘e’ key missing, so I wasn’t able to reference the album title, or any member of the band other than Colm.”
– Kevin Shields


“It’s like MBV… ON ACID.”


“You should see the liner notes! It’s just a load of drawings of Colm in different costumes with all the different things I’d imagine that Colm would say in those situations… erm, for example… ‘je m’appelle Colm’… that one’s next to a drawing of Colm but if he was a French Colm. I tell you, they’re absolutely crazy.”
— Kevin Shields


In seriousness though, v much looking forward to this


I’m hearing this in his voice. Brilliant.