Supposedly new MBV in 2018


Looks like live activity is being scheduled then:


Such a weird line up. NIN, MBV and “the bargain bucket Deadmau5” marshmello


Close my eyes
Feel me now
I don’t know
How you could not

(pls imagine the airhorn run thru reverse reverb)


dunno if anyone read the feature in this month’s Uncut, but it all sounds very promising for new material. Colm definitely sounded like he expects it to come out


Hopefully a sign of more gigs elsewhere


Excellent- they’ve often done a small venue show just before a run of bigger gigs.


Thanks; alas my eldest son’s birthday with the meltdown show on my son’s birthday party the day after

Really hoping more UK shows announced!


New song 1 and new song 2 listed on for last night’s show in Oakland. I liked the new one from meltdown, not tracked down a bootleg of the other new song yet!


Big Kev doubling down


Isn’t he in his fifties now? Cringe at this bollocks


I was thinking about this earlier, running out of time in 2018!