Surely we should be able to have spaces in website addresses by now

Add your own technology gripes/requests below


Similarly, we can have spaces in filenames but “a filename cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |”?

Give me a break! We put man on the moon ffs.




Websites should be able to function without cookies and any that can’t and ask you to accept cookies should be ridiculed and ultimately made obsolete.


You put " and ? twice each

Windscreen wiper technology should have moved on by now. Why are they still rubbish?

(Yes I know I need to clean my car!!)


Similarly, why haven’t they invented glasses (spectacles not cups) that don’t need cleaning constantly?

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No raspberry emoji

No option to split starred WhatsApp messages into folders.

Folder A: exclusively for a zoom password I never remember

Folder B: times people I fancy have said something nice to me

Folder C: AOB


Everything just fucking breaks all the time. I hate software

Got a new internet TV, my TV before this was from 2007. The new one is a bastard, just software updates need doing or it’s got some glitch all the time. Bring back CRTs, my parents have had one for about 30 years now and it’s fine.


And that don’t scratch

The big optician scam.

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The ability to easily transfer a piece of copied text from your phone to computer and vice versa. Just a simple clipboard basically.

Sort it out boffins!

Nah, cookies are fine

I should be able to use Excel by telling my computer what I want it to do in layman’s terms and it doing it. You shouldn’t have to be a fucking nerd to do anything beyond the most basic stuff.


Been meaning to make a thread about this for ages. Windscreen wipers are worse than they used to be. They leave awful streaks across the glass while your using them.

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Took ages for an :onion:. Still no lime

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we need more regionally-relevant emojis in addition to what we have

like a proper cup of tea emoji, which I would use the heck out of

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do you not just screencap important messages/messages you like?

No, starring them is much better. My screen grabs are out of control now require some sort of organisation in my part. Thankfully I don’t have many nice messages to have to keep on top of :see_no_evil:

You can have emojis in domains.