Surge (film)

Just watched this (iPlayer). I mean, this is fucking good. Whishaw is phenomenal, Can’t believe he is in his 40’s, truly believe he has a massive film ahead of him now. Not really seen him in much since Nathan Barley. The descent into mental illness in this film, like a Bittersweet Symphony for the 21st Century. Love the way it is shot. Reviews seem to middle around 6/10, but this is a 9 every day of the week. The way normal people bleed into the film (not actors). Riveting watch. A modern near masterpiece.


I thought it was half good. It is hard to watch in places, especially didn’t like the piece with the glass of water. I remember seeing him is Perfume and thinking, that’s pingu from Nathan Barley! He is good. I think he is the voice of Paddington.

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watched this a while back, good film!