Surnames you like?


Doubleday for me. Does anyone here know a Doubleday?




Slack. Oh, and a new girl in the office has the surname ‘Candy’. That’s nice.






John Candy?




Infamous Candy Brothers


There’s also someone at work called ‘Vanessa Cannon’. Excellent.


my friend told me she works with someone with the last name ‘Hand’. That always stuck with me, but I don’t really ‘like’ it.


I feel really sorry for people who have names which become conversation springboards, must be so tiresome for them, particularly when talking to people like me.




I still feel guilty about the time I started 6th form and a girl in my class was called Stph Mycck and I couldn’t help but laugh :frowning:

what a dick.




I’ve been told numerous times over the years that I’ve got a good surname. When I got married, my ex said she wanted to take my name because she preferred it to her own (and she kept it after we split up too).


bet there’s a few DiSers with lovely surnames


(including @rob.orch no doubt)




does .orch mean .orchard? thats a nice name if so


let’s hope so!