Surplus download code disposal


Idea nicked from the ‘old’ forum, but I liked it and got some good stuff. And we all got lots of vinyl for Xmas right? What do is post up albums where you have an unneeded download code, and if there’s anyone who wants it can reply and PMs can be swapped and the world will be a better place. Right?

First up I’ll offer:

Tim Hecker: Love Stream (2 remaining downloads available)

Unused download codes - share the love

I’ll take a code for Tim Hecker please


I’d love a Tim Hecker download code!


You have mail senor and sexy


Glad to see this idea resuscitated. I’ve got the (wonderful) Gwenno album from a couple of years ago available. It’s the ‘deluxe’ edition with extra tracks and remixes.


I’ve got a bunch I meant to put in the old thread back home - will update when I get back (iir)



Just pulled a handful out of a drawer which have been accumulated over the past few weeks.

Bjork - Vulnicura
Owen Pallett - Heartland
Gold Panda - Good Luck And Do Your Best

I’ve also got Art Angels by Grimes here, but I’m not sure whether the previous owner redeemed it or not, bought it second hand and never played, but the plastic wrapping had been slit at the side so it could have been used.


I’ve got the new Grandaddy here


Would be grateful for any Silver Jews pls


dont think Drag City put DL codes in their stuff, your best bet is ripping the cds, itunes or shh piracy


Ah cool, thanks for the heads up


if u DM me your address, I can burn you some? i think i’ve got everything The Natural Bridge onward


I’ll have the Grandaddy one if it’s still available please


Any chance Vulnicura is still available?


PMed you


I have got Holly McVae’s, Allred and Broderick and Father John Misty’s new ones if anyone would like?


Thanks for posting. Could I have the Allred Broderick one please?


Could I please have the Father John Misty one if its still knocking around? Cheers


Any chance this is still available meesta 69?


This seems pretty stealy? How is this different from me offering MP3s of CDs I’ve bought?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding.