Surprising celebrity covers

I like the concept of this thread, but none come to mind.

Hugh Laurie and Jared Leto came to mind, but I feel this thread is more about say Matt Le Tissier smashing out a cover of Burning Down The House on the accordion than actors who have moderately successful studio-based musical careers.

Tell me this actually exists


when I saw Chasrlotte Church she did Aneurysm by Nirvana which was odd

The musical exploits of Viggo Mortensen deserve a thread of their own really. Such morbid curiosity around what his music with Buckethead must sound like.

Does this count?

This would have counted back when it came out right?

Why just curiosity when they have an album out together?

I don’t know if it counts as she’s a singer anyway, but Mandy Moore doing XTC’s Senses Working Overtime is definitely a surprising one:

I like how this post is a succinct example of how good and how bad this can be.