Surprising discoveries (also encompassing Friday banal)


The Nutribullet bloke is a Flat Earth theorist. Knew there was something a bit off about him.

Please share some more surprising discoveries or other banal observations.


I was surprised to find that I have Scrabble friends and that they miss me:

EDIT: you lot can’t be trusted.


I can wake up at ten to three and nobody minds


Those Scrabble friends of yours look a bit young.


EDIT: Bin this thread. it’s fucked now


sucks air through teeth




What happened there, you see, was that you wasted precious seconds scrubbing the reply of all possible innuendos.




Only just realised you get notifications every time someone posts in a thread you make.

Surprising discoveries.


Found out the system can edit your posts!


Don’t you click that to see the post BEFORE IT WAS EDITED
Think so




yeah me neither just remember Theo dribbling something about it
Nice to see Garth in stereo though


Discovered the other day that horses can’t vomit.


I’m fully in Friday pm waste time mode but a guy keeps sitting next to me and looking at my screen. He’s out of the room now which is the only reason I can type this.


Did you get a horse really drunk?