Surprising targeted advertising


Apparently my web history suggests I have an ambiguous attitude towards air pollution:


I have a slightly insane loop of ballet leotards, DIY tools, holiday destinations and running shoes


Been getting lingerie and fetish wear for a good few months. The butt plug was the final straw though

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context


That’s probably a solar-powered private jet, m8.


I get a right old mix from Wowcher. I’ve never bought anything from them so they don’t have much to go on I guess, but they seem quite sure I want some turmeric, a selection of watches and a vibrator.


lingerie and fetish wear were fine but plug was too far


Ortis Deley preaching at me about life insurance in my Fb feed yesterday now I’m a dad.


I remember ads


Been getting a lot of promoted tweets from the Iraqi government recently


That was a great night


Are you blocking Sean’s main revenue stream?


The t-shirts?


The monthly donations?


Dunno if Iraqi-Iranian relations are still as strained, but it might be time to whip this out while you’ve got some traction with the al-Abadi administration


Yeah, me too.

I don’t give a huge amount but it eases my conscience for blocking that shit.


you won’t like this one bit


Today’s FB feed:






Looks like they’ve pretty much got your number.


i mean… this is all on algorithms. I’m all for pervs but this is really low grade perving man.