Surprisingly bad branded products

Obviously branding is all nonsense anyway but work with me here, it’s a slow Tuesday morning…

Waitrose English Breakfast Tea: surprisingly bad. And I say that as someone who’s mostly in the “all teabags are basically the same” camp.

This thread brought to you by the surprisingly bad cup of tea I’m currently slogging through.

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That’s a bit too philosophical for me, I’m afraid.

No More Nails. No, More Nails.

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I would say that a supermarkets own tea bag is an unbranded product tbh, but I’m not the copyright doctor so idk


Well I suppose I more meant that I expected more of the prestigious Waitrose brand than these dreadful teabags. They do good yumyums and soup, so I don’t know why they can’t do good tea.

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The copyright doctor, the trademark MD, the patent surgeon, it’s ol’ Eps!

Frazzles are worse than every supermarket’s fake version. Bacon fries are better than every supermarket’s fake version.


Feel really embarrassed buying these for my gf for some reason. Tangy Toms too.

Strongly agree. Bludgeoning my thumb on the like button there.

Tell you what eps, Linda McCartney sausages are a load of old shit. Worst (wurst) option in the veggie sausage market, but also the most ubiquitous

Ah man you were doing so well


Rowse honey is terrible.

My neck is sore from agreeing with this so much

I mean I’ll eat them if they’re part of a breakfast or whatever but cauldrons, bo’s own and quorn are all better

HOW can you think they’re worse than Quorn sausages? Quorn sausages are basically play-doh

Bobby’s bacon streaks are the best here

Not a thing, sorry

Warburtons bread is disgusting

so fucking good


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