Surprisingly difficult to get a good pair of trackie bottoms that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Comfortable to wear at home daily
  • Are good enough to wear to Tesco Express or Asda
  • Have zips on the pockets
  • Slimfit and not baggy around the crotch
  • Don’t have any naff coloured stripes or sporty obnoxious colouring or logo
  • Gonna say cotton

I’m not saying they don’t exist, it’s just easy to get a pair that don’t quite fulfill the criteria that you end up keeping because they nearly do.


Pocket zips are your elusive factor there


You could go to a laundrette that has a sewing person and they could probably install them for you for a small fee

Maybe I don’t need zipped pockets actually

TK Maxx have a good range. My son has the same criteria and we found several pairs there that were what he was looking for.

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Completely agree, this is the bane of my life (well, it is since I turned into a full time slob in 2020)

Off to Tk Maxx it is then!

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NEARLY got this the other day but they are short in the leg

I don’t want zipped pockets but I do want the pockets to be big enough that I can reliably sit down without my phone falling out

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Yeah i agree but i bought some climbing trousers that are more comfy wearing around the house than trackies so i just wear them now instead

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Adidas ones have zips, but also stripes which you don’t want, so idk

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George @ Asda is my go-to for these.

Not sure what I’m missing but I’ve always found trousers you’d wear out of the house comfortable enough to wear around the house so I don’t get the point of separate inside clothing???

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I’ll have to go and see him


He’s a good guy, lots of quality and affordable merchandise, like the supermarket Tom Skinner.

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I wear Tesco’s slim fit black joggers most days

Everything you said except zips.

They do fade a bit after a few washes but who cares. Not me.

‘Comfortable enough’ is not what we should be settling for in life.

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It’s more that I don’t want to ruin clothes by sitting around the house in them all day. So they have to be shit enough that I don’t feel bad about wearing them all the time, but not too shit that I can’t be seen in public in them


I have some from uniqlo and they fulfil every one of your criteria, plus they have a big enough pocket for my phone.

Adidas Adventure ones are stripeless but still have zip pockets.

I got these recently which are good but not fleecey and warm


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