Surprisingly difficult to get a good pair of trackie bottoms that fulfill the following criteria:

Material Composition:

[01 OFF WHITE, 09 BLACK, 57 OLIVE, 66 BLUE] Body: 67% Elastomultiester, 33% Polyester - Recycled Fiber/ Pocket Lining: 100% Polyester [03 GRAY, 08 DARK GRAY] Body: 42% Elastomultiester, 33% Polyester - Recycled Fiber, 25% Polyester/ Pocket Lining: 100% Polyester

if you were willing to accept the old three stripes, you’d find that Adidas did some good ones

if you’re wearing trackies, they don’t really change the way people will see you or anything

do the six extra legs not get in the way

I can’t really wear joggers out cos then I need to put stuff in my pockets and then they are always falling down