Surprisingly ignored albums in the AOTY lists

Erin Durand - Islands

Not a mention anywhere. It’s looking like it’s my AOTY.


Is there a flipside to this, albums you heard nothing about but are suddenly popping up in lists, because I don’t think I’d ever heard of that 100 gecs album until now


haven’t listened to it but i’m not convinced Bruce Springsteen has released the 28th best album this year

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Dawson’s showing at number 50 now, possibly a new entry from today’s lists?

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He was just outside when I posted the list this morning, a 5th place in the Loud and Quiet list has bumped him up a bit.

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Definitely- that always happens. I’d never heard of Jamila Woods but that album seems like it might be worth investigating.

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for a record that was so acclaimed generally the raphael saadiq record hasn’t got much acknowledgement in indie circles

The review scores are surprisingly a much better list in my opinion. I think Gallipoli was solid enough to get some votes, “This is How you Smile” should’ve at minimum cracked the top 10, so I’m shocked that it’s not even on the list. Lower Dens’ album was also quite good. I’m hoping those 3 get a little big more love in the next few weeks from whatever lists are left to come out.

It’s Erin Durant with a “T”

I’d put the Chemical Brothers high up any best of the year.


I have no idea why Pile’s Green and Gray has been ignored. It isn’t even showing up on Best Rock Album lists. Slowly-burning, heavy, explosive, and cohesive, it’s a clear frontrunner for AOTY and one of the best of the decade.

A Labyrinth with No Center

The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller


nearly all of the albums on the link on the Original Post are hipster albums, which are more or less the antithesis of being obscure among Internet culture.

What an inspired take this is

I was going to respond to it but then I realised I didn’t understand it.

Do they mean ‘antithesis’ (ie the opposite of) do you think? Or did they mean to type ‘apotheosis’ (ie the perfect example of)?

Agree with ^this - have enjoyed both of their albums very much. Also agree that it’s weird just how much under the radar they seem to fly. Their own Wiki entry is barely there, and they are not mentioned at all on Holmes’ own page.

Check them out everyone :+1:


Lana is crushing the competition according to the aoty aggregate list:

Yeah this is a fun album, enjoyed it more than the debut.

I went to see them live and was surprised that David Holmes doesn’t play live with them, he just did a DJ set before and after

Funny how music divides even those that usually have similar opinions. Personally think it’s her first classic after three straight close-but-no-cigars

Why do you like it more than the others?

For me there are some great tracks (the title track especially) but when I listen to the whole thing it just sort of washes over me in a swell of MOR string arrangements and I find I’ve got to the end with out really noticing it very much. I found the earlier records gripping from start to finish.

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Avery Tare