would need someone else to have a potato too, plus a 3rd potato to power the cell tower, and a 4th potato just because a bit of mash is always welcome

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Trimmed his pubes
Bought a refillable metal water bottle


not for calling anyone just to listen to podcasts

ah, download them first and listen to post-apoc, i get it.

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people who can play guitars and drums will be in high demand I should imagine

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That’s basically the plan - once it all goes south I plan to be one of those Mad Max guys who controls a whole town dedicated to one resource for some reason. I’ll be the tribal warlord of Saucetown.


Finally, my time to shine!


I’m going to trade in memes

we should have an agreed upon DiS place to meet if things go really bad, at least we can all trust each other, we would be quite powerful as a group and could help usher in socialism

we’d probably just stand around staring at our shoes for a while first though


a lot of people live in London but that would be a nightmare so maybe make your way somewhere a bit more central to the country and the northerners can head south and we can meet in the middle in say Northamptonshire

sorry to those not on the mainland of Britain you would probably have to be a splinter group for the time being

if @Owensmaterob didn’t FUCK the DiSers map this would be really easy to figure out.

But he did.

Thanks Rob.

Thanks for sealing our imminent deaths.


omg he is in on the whole thing

everybody tries to move one county closer to their nearest DiSer

man I’m sorting all of this I have to be the leader

bro you got that dog the bounty hunter with template?

bro sure bro but you want that template that’s gonna cost a little extra bro.

bro i got me two this is fine’s and one soyface, deal?

you drive a hard bargain bro but sure we got a deal bro.

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I’d like to propose an alliance between Saucetown and New Meme City. It won’t be an easy life after the collapse but at least we’ll be sweaty and mildly amused.

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I live two streets away from my nearest DiSer

@Lo-Pan and I gonna wait for all this to blow over over a few bottles of red


that’s good thinking! I’m making you my deputy

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