Anyone watching / interested? Started on BBC last night with Saturday and Sunday night episodes over the next 8 weeks.

As a big fan of the franchise I’m curious to see how they re-adapt the show for the UK audience. Think it’s 20+ years since it last aired.

I’m watching it because I remember enjoying it when I was a kid

Still hasn’t got good this

Just boring

Yeah, thought the first two episodes showed glimpses of quality but there was also some concerning moments that I’d hope they’d iron out.

Just catching up on this week’s episodes and it’s all pretty boring. Maybe it’ll improve when they merge and some of the cast will stand out a bit more.

Hate the scripted “confessional” bits (I just had to Google what these are called in reality TV where they talk in a different shot about something we’ve just watched). Makes it feel like Kitchen Nightmares or something.

Don’t have any issue with the confessionals myself. They’re a pretty key part to competition reality TV shows.