🍣 Sushi 🍣

Don’t get the hype tbqfh. It’s fine I guess but the pieces are too small and on the few occasions I’ve had it for lunch I’ve just thought that I’d rather be having some chips. Are we past the sushi boom of the late 00s? I bet you lot fucking love sushi, you massive bunch of deviants.

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Often quite bland and bad but one of the absolute best things when it’s good.

Low floor, high ceiling food


Impossible for cold rice to be nice

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Surely, depends on the restaurant?



The best sushi i had was when we made it in my Japanese class.

Wish we had more of the onigri(?) triangle things in the UK

Also impossible for any rice to be truly delicious (except keema)

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I see it more of as a snack/side tbh though.

Always still hungry after eating even loads of sushi

Big fan

Have made my own a few times, it’s fun but the results aren’t as good as a takeaway or restaurant, surprisingly

Don’t like crab sticks though, always have a to try and find a selection that doesn’t have them.

Avocado in sushi is shite as well.

The sushi is the rice.

I’m the opposite
When i get a 18 piece one i don’t think it’ll be enough but then I’m full enough to leave leftovers

funny how different we all are when it comes to sushi

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Think there’s something great about foods that are rooted in small variations on a really simple theme. Think pizza is similar where too much fucking about ruins it.

Fish, rice, wasabi, ginger, soy. Occasionally some tofu or veg. Lovely stuff.

Might rewatch jiro dreams of sushi, such a lovely film

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Some slick marketing to get people to pay so much for a little square of fish mind. And all the health hype it gets. Someone’s done some ritual sacrifices to pull this thing off.

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It’s only nice in proper sushi places but I couldn’t justify spending that much on just rice and veggies. I will definitely have it if I ever make it to Japan.

I really like documentaries about sushi makers.

An annoying food thread because now I want sushi but specifically I want it from Hibiki in Liverpool and that isn’t a realistic option right now

Not with that attitude it isn’t.

Those places in Japan where you order off a screen, the sushi comes round on motorised trays, everything costs about £1 and you win prizes for eating are 10/10 holiday fun.

Best I’ve eaten was topped with some blowtorched pacific saury and ponzu dressing


I’m going to have some satay aubergine & noodles and be a bit unhappy about it!

Yeah that sounds quite miserable actually, sorry.

Went to a big place in Düsseldorf where you get an iPad to order with and it’s all you can eat

That was fun and not at all gimmicky