Susumu Yokota tribute show at Union Chapel

Semi-JAG as I used to be in Imperfect Orchestra but I really wish I could go to this and I’m sure it will be awesome!

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This seems like a perfect opportunity to indoctrinate my nearly 5 year old, with promises of cake!


Ah sweet! Thanks for posting, might check it out!

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Anyone go to this then?

Personally speaking, no one ever really filled the void that Susumu left when he departed. In terms of weird yet really atmospheric and exotic-sounding electronic music, there’s just no one else that can give me those same euphoric highs. Still heartbroken by his death to this day.

Having said that, there is a nice Japanese electronic/ambient album that came out this year called Meitei by Komachi. Well worth checking out for anyone who likes that sort of thing.

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It was good! Every artist had their own spin- George Crowley took the ‘experimental looped sax’ angle, ISAN’s was pretty faithful to the original material (in the best possible way), The Imperfect Orchestra’s was the most ambitious instrumentally, Seaming To’s electronics/Wurlitzer/vocal mix was the most charming. Was cool that Susumu’s sister was in attendance too.

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Great! That’s really cool to hear :slight_smile: