Waiting for a shift swap from my other half so I can go run.

Wee bit of tidying to do before a couple of pals come round for football later.

Also bought some new cushions from b and m yesterday that the wife wasn’t keen on so might go swap them.

If there’s time I might also nip to the tip.

What are you lot doing? Include a rhyme in your post if you can, please. Thanking you kindly.

Looking forward to going to the cinema, it isn’t far, for our Bank Holiday plan - to see Candyman.

But did lots of hosting last night, cleaning is already a fright.

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Two. Count em. Showing off there.

Off in a while to find breakfast nutrition
Then planning to squeeze in two photography exhibitions

Not a whole lot planned for today except watching the football which I’ll probably watch from behind the sofa. :grinning:
I might actually just give the flat a right good clean later. :thinking:

Morning shiny et al!

We’re taking The Child to see Paw Patrol. It’ll be like Candyman only the horror is real and not just a film about sweets.

I’m hoping to make a celeriac pie for tea.

I have really tried to write some rhymes here but they’re just not coming. Too early I think.



paying bills

tidy the flat later

grey boring Sunday

Yeah, I went to paw patrol movie. Was more bearable than anticipated, and thankfully quite short. Remember taking my nephew to Thomas and the magic railroad or something years ago and THAT was an endurance event.

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Family are out and I am listening to Aldous Harding (What an artist btw), chain drinking coffee and had a protein bar for breakfast. Eat so many different ones might make a review site.
Later going to the tip whoop whoop and then only God Knows

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Loooooong shift at work today. Bank holiday weekend my arse.

Doing a BBQ this afternoon.

Just took the dog for a walk and it’s freezing out there. Really looking forward to the BBQ…

No plans

What to do??

Chillin’ at home reading a book

Need to go and pick something up from a woman in Sydenham

Then nipping to the velodrome for a memorial thing

Gonna do some batch cooking this evening


Morning all. Going to see my niece on her 18th birthday later today. I remember meeting her for the first time when she wasn’t even a day old…
Also, it appears my neighbour’s have got a dog. By the sounds of it, its favourite thing is barking. Which it’s being doing, in batches of four or eight, for at least 20 minutes.

Want to stay in bed but I’ve got to go party

Watching murderball weelchair rugby final
Garden party at a friend’s

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We’re going for a pub lunch today. Everywhere’s booked, but most places are keeping tables back for walk ins, so we’re going to chance our arm and turn up at 12 o clock. Should be alright I reckon.

Then this afternoon we’re seeing a friend in Lewes who’s up from Bristol

A little after waking up, I remembered how excited I am for my cinema trip on Friday HUZZAH

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My son brought his girlfriend round for the first time ever. She’s really nice! They’ve gone to Kew Gardens for the day then we’re taking them out for dinner later.

Felt weird tidying the house yesterday, rather than just when my parents visit.